Monica Odhiambo


Having a virtual assistant to carry out some of your administrative, executive, and high-level strategy tasks is always a good idea. Virtual assistants aren’t only taking up small jobs and handling high-level strategy, which brings them to high managerial positions. If you feel the burden is too much and have tasks way above the administrative level, you can also have a virtual assistant help you.

A virtual assistant is an integral part of your corporate world. Building a strong relationship with your virtual assistant is crucial because they become your second “right hand”. A virtual assistant becomes your trusted partner, a confidant, and a partner who aids in your growth. There are a lot of goodies that come with a virtual assistant and you need a solid bond to enjoy the benefits.

A virtual assistant wears many hats because much is expected from you. There are so many virtual
assistants looking for clients. So how do you stay relevant and irreplaceable? You need to have
impeccable time management and organizational skills to remain on top of the game.