Monica Odhiambo

Make Your Business Stand Out

Administrative Support

I provide administrative support for a variety of tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, data entry, meeting minutes transcription, and report preparation. By offering administrative support, you can help clients streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and free up their time to focus on core business activities.

Customer Support

I provide customer support, which involves providing timely and helpful assistance to customers through various channels such as email, live chat, or phone. This can include answering product inquiries, resolving complaints, processing orders, and providing after-sales support.

Social Media Management

The social media management services I offer include social media post creation and scheduling, follower engagement, social media metrics monitoring, and social media analytics. I can help you build and maintain a strong online presence, and increase brand awareness.

Project Management

The project management services involve coordinating and overseeing various projects, setting timelines, assigning tasks, and ensuring project milestones are met. By providing efficient project management support, I help clients execute projects successfully, stay within budget, and achieve their business objectives in a systematic and organized manner.


I provide professional written content for businesses who need help with website copy, blog posts, marketing materials like sales letters or emails, and social media management. I work with businesses to ensure that your website, brochures, sales letters, etc. not only look good but also attract and persuade your target audience to take the action you want.


I provide professional editing and proofreading services for all kinds of written materials – business, scientific, academic, fiction and non-fiction, short stories, and novels. My aim is to help you shine in your writing by polishing it up with my comprehensive editing and proofreading service. So take that first step towards greater success in your future!

Every business has a story. I help create it.


We’ll follow these 4 easy steps

Initial Consultation

I will schedule a discussion with the client to understand their needs, goals, and expectations for the virtual assistant services. This initial consultation is meant to gather essential information about the scope of work and assess whether my services align with the client's requirements.

Proposal Submission

I will prepare and submit a detailed proposal outlining the services I offer, along with the corresponding pricing, timelines, and any specific terms and conditions. The proposal will outline precisely how my virtual assistant services will successfully meet the needs of the client.

Service Agreement and Onboarding

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will formalize the engagement by developing a service agreement that encompasses the scope of work, deliverables, payment terms, and confidentiality agreements. Following the agreement, initiate the onboarding process, which may include gathering the necessary access to tools or systems and scheduling any required training sessions.

Commencement of Services

Once the onboarding process is completed, I will commence with the provision of virtual assistant services according to the agreed timelines and deliverables. I will also maintain open lines of communication with you to ensure that the services I provide continue to meet your evolving needs and expectations.



This package is perfect for those who need assistance with simple administrative tasks. It includes 10 hours per month of virtual assistant services.


Tailored for individuals with more intricate requirements, this package offers 20 hours per month of dedicated virtual assistant services.


Tailored for those requiring extensive virtual assistant support, this package offers 40 hours per month of dedicated services.